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I love this thing!

First time owning an electric scooter and I love this thing!
When I first took it out for a ride I was surprised at how fast it went, I wasn't expecting that.
I use it to go to work every day (about 10 minutes round trip) and it lasts about four to five days before the battery dies.
Overall it feels great to ride, I wish there was some sort of shock absorber for when you go over bumps because I feel like I would have broken it when I went over bumps on the sidewalk at 28 mph.
Great ride, highly recommended!

Awesome scooter

I recommend this scooter! Robust and top performance! Great price for an es60 scooter! Perfect design for on and off road riding, fast speed, simple controls and easy maneuvering. Very long battery life, quick charging and always ready to ride! Bright lights! Turn signals and horn are very loud and eye-catching! I love this es60 scooter! Everyone is impressed with its design and style!

Love it!

Arrived today. Spent about 30 minutes checking everything, making sure it was tight, etc. Setup was very simple. This is the only scooter with folding handlebars (easy to fold). This can fit in a school locker!! Easy to fold and stand upright. Comes with tool kit, spare tire tube, folding seat (haven't decided if I'll add that yet). I'm tall. Handlebars adjust to perfect height. Ride to grocery store (usually 30 minutes in traffic + parking) took 9 minutes in the bike lane. Folded, put in cart. Got what I needed and went home!! Very happy with my purchase.

This bike is fast and powerful.

I have only owned this bike for a few weeks and have ridden it about six times and each time it has been great. I was hesitant to buy this bike, it is not the cheapest but it is much cheaper than some e-bikes. However, this bike really lives up to its reputation, it is fast, powerful, easy to ride, and a lot of fun. I gave up cycling a few years ago because of my poor fitness, but with the pedal assist I still get a good workout without getting myself tired. If you want to ride a bike but are not in good fitness, get this e-bike.

Very fast

I just got it yesterday and it tops out at 31 mph and is very comfortable and I am very happy with it so far

Used it for a week

Great, had no problems driving through the city, got me from point A to point B, only downside was it was uncomfortable to walk through the streets after a long trip

The scooter stopped working on the second day. Customer support doesn’t respond. After 2 weeks, I still didn’t get refunded. At the end of second week, support insisted to replace controller but I refused it as it has low quality and most likely it will be broken again in a few days. I’m thinking about disputing the overall transaction from my bank side. I sincerely regret I made the order from their website directly. Terrible company and service!

Fun entry level scooter!

Scooter arrived yesterday. Assembly is super easy.
Took it for a quick spin at night. The headlight was bright and put out a decent amount of light.
I’m just over 200lbs, so I’m sure the experience for those lighter will vary, but still this little thing was surprisingly nimble.

Very durable scooter and excellent ride 👏.

This scooter is so much fun!!! Awesome climbing power and is fast. Like it so much I bought another one, just a bit 🤏 faster 😉 awesome scooter!

Happy with purchase!

The cowboy-shaped bicycle is very cool. When I ride it out, my neighbors like it very much.

So far, the bikes are good.

We have only had these bikes for a few weeks, but assembly was fairly easy and the bikes are as advertised. They are sturdy and heavy, but that is what we wanted. The oversized tires make for a very smooth ride. All components are working and the bikes do have good acceleration in pedal assist mode. We just wanted some fat tire e-bikes to ride around the neighborhood and park, so these bikes fit the bill for being affordable compared to similar name brand bikes. We will not be using them as hard core weekend warrior mountain bikes, so we expect them to last a few years.

Great bike for the money...

The e-bike is very good quality, easy to assemble and a joy to ride, like most e-bikes the battery life could be better but I'm sure they will get better over time.

So cool

Finally received the electric scooter yesterday, so happy, I like it very much, the quality is very good.

Best go for your green.

I have put a couple hundred miles on this scooter. It's awesome.

Fun scooter

Fun scooter to get around town with. I like the three ride mode options, the battery life has been plenty for what I've used it for, and it was simple to set up.

New electric bike worth the money

Great bike, fits a 6 foot, 260 lb male. As advertised, you can ride it like a non-electric mountain bike, use the pedal assist, or ride it as a moped. It's up to you how much, how much, and how fast you use the pedal assist.

Love it

This is a really good e-bike, it's very sturdy and has great speed and acceleration. Big 26" tires, easy to use and maneuver, great battery life, I've never had an issue with battery life. If I had one complaint it would be that the bike is so heavy... glad it's electric or I wouldn't be able to push it up the stairs haha, great bike!

Best scooter bang for buck!

This scooter has cut our kids' morning commute from 40 minutes to 10 minutes. And that was only 4 miles. It's easy to ride, stable, and sturdy. The battery charged from 40% to 90% in 2 hours. After a few days of scooter use, it's still over 70%. It's fast, love it.

Best for short commutes and lugging up subway stairs

I bought it specifically for short commutes (4.5 miles each way) and for the convenience of climbing 3 flights of stairs to my apartment or going up and down subway stairs, and for both of these requirements, the iENYRID is the best for me.

POWERFUL! Monster of a scooter.

I give it 5 stars because it exceeded my expectations. It is very powerful. Very durable at high speeds. You just have to know how to shift your weight while riding. To be honest, its power is amazing. I am impressed by its speed and acceleration at top speed. It is very comfortable to ride. The knobby tires create vibrations so you need to check the bolts from time to time. It looks beautiful and the lights are great and convenient. I would say it is worth buying. Not suitable for newbies because the gears are higher and it is a dual motor drive. So be careful but definitely buy it!

Great electric scooter

This is awesome, received it and waited for the setup, easy setup, takes about a few minutes, folds up, easy to carry to the park or outside the house, fast enough for kids and adults, my daughter rides around 15 mph, I tried the 25 and it felt great, highly recommended, very good.