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Gave the scooter to my 12 year old grandson. He said it is the best gift he ever got. He loves it. Now his sister wants one.


I was very impressed with the quality of this scooter is very quiet and all the parts were fitting well it also goes just as fast as they claim it does. It’s worth every penny.

iENYRID M4 Pro S+ Electric Scooter with Seat, 800W Off Road Electric Scooter, 48V 16Ah Battery, Long Range 31 Miles, Max Speed 28 Mph, Payload 330Lbs

So far so good 👍, received quickly and I'm still trying to figure out how to put it together.

How resistant and solid it is.

Pretty good and fast scooter.

This scooter is pretty good, it's pretty fast, it hits 28 mhp, the battery is pretty good, it lasts long enough to ride around town, I get places fast, it's pretty smooth on the road and it's very easy to use, it charges fast, it has a full charge. At about 4 hours it is a little difficult to fold and unfold but this scooter is really good. I recommend. I've been using it for a couple of months now. It has 500 miles and still runs like new. Very good scooter and customer. The service is really good, they resolved my issues quickly and sent me the part I needed.

Great quality

I loved this scooter! All my friends have super fast, fancy electric bikes, so it was a big surprise to find out that this can keep up with them. The lights are very bright, making it perfect for coming home in the dark.

Great for traveling

bought this as a replacement for my first scooter, which was starting to show its age. I use it daily as part of my commute to and from work. It handles very well and the shocks absorb a lot of the vibrations I felt on my older scooter. But pay attention to the weight; This scooter weighs twice as much as my "starter" scooter (60 pounds vs. 30 pounds). It's also a little longer than my first scooter, something I didn't think about when I bought it. Fortunately, I have a large trunk, but consider carrying space when purchasing. If this is your first scooter, I highly recommend keeping it in second gear until you feel very comfortable with it, as third gear is very fast! It's not the fastest scooter out there, but it will definitely get you to your destination quickly. I'm not a skinny guy anymore, but I can comfortably ride around 25 mph on my commute. Battery life is also excellent. I charge my scooter on Sundays and I can ride all week on a single charge. However, the best feature I like about this scooter is its visibility during my early morning ride. The headlight is very visible, but the illuminated platform makes it much easier to see when driving on busy roads in the mornings. Although I gave the scooter a 5-star rating, there are some drawbacks that are not related to the scooter. The owner/user manual is very rudimentary. If you are familiar with setting up a scooter from the box, the manual is suitable. The website is also not much help for information. The positive side is that the few times I have had to deal with customer service they have been extremely helpful. There are many useful videos on YouTube if you also have any problems. The speed control module used in this scooter is also used in several other models (ienyrid and others). This was one of the reasons I had to contact their support site, as my control module was not configured for my model's motor/battery. That is a setting that, once configured, is not touched. There are other settings in the module that can be configured for driver comfort (cruise control, speed, etc.) that can be easily modified. However, to find out what the different controls are, I had to use YouTube as the manual does not explain the different functions of the control module. Even with the drawbacks listed above, this is a great scooter at a good price.


I received the scooter quickly. Unfortunately mine was damaged when I received it. It seems like the Oving company handled it poorly. He is fast and strong. Customer service was very helpful and responded extremely quickly to any issues. Thank you


This scooter is amazing. I had a little problem. I contacted the seller and helped fix it within minutes.

The item works well for short local trips and goes fast. Excellent customer service to solve prob...

The item works well for short local trips and goes fast. Excellent customer service to solve problems.

A beast of a scooter without a doubt...

Definitely a beast of a scooter... It's pretty heavy, definitely solid! Keep this in mind if you transport it, I think my old gotrax weighed half as much. I bought it because I'm a big guy, 210 athletic, so it supports my weight without problems. I live in Chicago so I travel everywhere with it, why should I drive when I can? Plus, I'll never have to worry about parking! But you have to be careful, it's fast! And when you're in the city, you have to worry about everyone and everything, cars included!! I charge it every 3 or 4 days, obviously I don't drive 30 miles a day... But it's not necessary, I live in the city and everything I need is within 10 miles. As for speed, you probably don't have to worry too much in the countryside or the suburbs, but in the city, you really have to be responsible when driving it! This scooter will go 31-34mph no problem, even with my weight, but I don't push it that fast anymore, 25mph tops!! I probably average 18-20 mph, and that works, it's much safer and easier to drive, especially in the city! It's not the end of the world, but the only problem I have with it... I'm a big guy and the base of the scooter where my feet are is a little short, it should be about 4-5 inches. longer... I feel a little tight when I drive, which made it a little difficult to control/maneuver when I started driving it, but I'm getting used to it.


This thing is pretty good. I've had mine a couple of weeks now and have been riding that thing like a bat off road and on the road, rough terrain is not a problem for this scooter, but I would recommend removing the seat and installing it. the foot bar before leaving the road and if you want a little more speed, remove the front fender/fender to allow better airflow and less friction. I would definitely recommend this scooter to any crazy rider.

Excellent client service

This scooter was just what we were looking for. My daughter loved it until she lost the keys. I contacted customer service and they said they would send me a new unit of keys and keys. Thanks again

It works very well 👍

This scooter is great. It pulls my 235 pound butt without any problem. Run on all terrains. Long duration battery. I've been using it consistently for 2 weeks now and I really like it. Compared to other scooters I've owned, it's worth the price.

The company worked well with me.

So today I rode this all over town and I really like it. The battery life is not as long as advertised and the top speed I reached was about 30 kmph, basically 18 mph. I really like this company because they were willing to work with me when I had some issues with shipping. They were quick to respond and resolved the issue quickly. I'm going to use the scooter to get to and from work about 5 miles up the road. So far so good, I'll update it in a month to see if it still works well.

Great scooter!

Quiet, fast, brakes well, speedometer works well. You can see it well. I bought it for my nephew for his birthday. He uses it daily to get to and from work. Great battery life. Good speeds. Front and rear lights for night driving. I would recommend it for older teens and young adults.

Excellent scooter!!!! ✅

This is a great and amazing scooter!!! I love it. High quality, service, I recommend it.

Fast delivery, fast scooter.

I like everything about this scooter... The lights, how compact it is when folded to store it, how quiet it is and how easy to handle... The only thing I didn't like was the The price in the image said it was in deal, but it really isn't... So I expected one thing and ended up paying more... Other than that, I would buy it again because the price is still not too much. bad... 2 Approved by a very satisfied customer

Fast, excellent brakes and well built.

This is only my second scooter. With that in mind, it's very fast, handles inclines quite well, and the brakes are strong enough to keep you from going down the other side. My longest run is about 10 miles. There are no problems with the battery or autonomy. We have two and we take them on vacation. It folds easily and fits in a small car. The lights, turn signals and key ignition are nice extras.

A nice little scooter.

Very nice for its price. It goes down pretty quickly, so be careful not to go too fast. All about 9/10.