iENYRID ES10 Dual Motor Electric Scooter, 2000W Powerful Electric Scooter, Max Speed 31 Mph, Long Range 38 Miles, 48V 20Ah Battery, Max Load 330 Lbs

Dual Motor Electric Scooter 2000W
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  • 1000W*2
  • 48V 20Ah
  • 31 mph
  • 38 Miles
  • 10-inch
  • 330 lbs
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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iENYRID ES10 2000W Dual Motor Electric Scooter

2000W Motor

This powerful electric scooter is equipped with dual 1000w motors, with a maximum speed of 31mph and a maximum load of 330lbs.

48V 20Ah Battery

This long range electric scooter is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery with a maximum range of 38 miles.

10" off-road pneumatic tires

10" large inflatable off-road tires can provide you with enough grip to adapt to various terrains, such as grass, mountains, gravel, mud, etc.

Front and rear dual shock absorption system

This suitable electric scooter is equipped with front and rear dual shock absorption systems, allowing you to conquer various terrains comfortably.

Dual disc brake + E-ABS

Front and rear dual disc brakes and E-ABS allow you to stop in the shortest distance in an emergency.

Bright 3 headlight design

The bright 3 LED headlight design makes it easier for you to be seen by other traffic participants while riding at night, making your riding safer.

Adjustable handle height

The handle height of this electric scooter can be adjusted according to the rider's height, allowing the rider to ride in a more comfortable position and safer.

Folding design

This folding electric scooter uses a quick-folding design, allowing you to easily carry, store or put it into the trunk of your car, greatly saving space.

Electric scooter with seat

This electric scooter is equipped with a removable seat, allowing you to choose from a variety of riding positions. The comfortable seat makes you more comfortable when riding long distances.

1 year limited warranty

This electric scooter comes with a one-year limited warranty, please check the warranty page for details. If you have any questions during use, you can send an email to for help.

Dual 1000W Motors
iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter

Dual Motor E-Scooter

iENYRID ES10 electric scooter with dual 1000w motors

Dual 1000W Motor

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with 48V 20Ah battery

48V 20Ah

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with smart display

Smart LCD Display

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with multi shock absorbers

Multi-Shock Absorbers

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with E-ABS+ Dual Disc Brake

E-ABS + Dual Disc Brake

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with off road tire

10" Off Road Tire

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with brightness LED Light

Bright LED Light

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter with folding design, easy to carry

Portable Carry

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter 30 degree climbing

Strong Climbing

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter safety and confortable riding

Safe and Confortable

iENYRID ES10 dual 1000W motor electric scooter size

Scooter Size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Very good quality for price

I really enjoy riding this scooter here and there to go places that aren’t too far. It has a nice design very good quality for the price it lasts about an hour on full battery but that’s all I need it for anyway just for quick transportation. One very good feature is the lights they are bright and flashy so people around can see you well at night!

iENYRID scooters are the best!

Overall great quality scooter. Packs way more power than expected. Mine is set to Mph but you can change to km if you prefer. Great for beginners and professionals. Great Purchase!

Zippy, Fun Ride!

I've had this scooter for a little over a month. I ride it around my neighborhood, to the post office and grocery store. It is very fun to ride. It has a lot of get up and go! The seat is super comfy. It was easy to change the speedometer from km/h to mph. I watched a youtube video to learn how. The scooter holds a charge a long time. I usually ride about 9 mph although I've had it up to around 25mph. The colorful lights are great! Not only are they fun, but they make it so much safer! Upon purchase, it was a little tricky to assemble the seat, but once we figured that out, it's been the most fun!

The better eletric scooter

I was satisfied, it exceeded my expectations, it is everything I thought it would be and more, let me better describe this electric scooter to you.First of all I tried to look for scooters that went more than 35mph or 50mph but I realized that they were quite expensive and my budget was not enough for those, I saw many options and this one seemed the best to me, I was sorry because I said I could barely run at 28mph and I thought it was little, but when you have it in your hands it is crazy, it even scares you and I think that buying a scooter that goes more than 28mph is unnecessary unless you plan to go on the road and passing vehicles, but for Going to nearby places quickly and easily is best.Secondly, I will tell you about the assembly and how long it took me to assemble it and use it perfectly, the package arrived very sealed and protected, it even arrived two days earlier than expected, when I started putting it together it didn't take me even 15 minutes to assemble it completely (without the seat) and it was perfectly fine.
Finally I will tell you about the handling and how it feels, the scooter goes quite fast, it is literally like a motorcycle but less fast and riding it does not require much knowledge, just by having a good balance in your body you can achieve it, I have not used in the rain and I don't recommend it either, but I have used it in seasons of snow and wet and muddy ground and so far I have not received any failures, now if you are referring to the distance I am going to be completely honest, the description promises you 28mh but really the scooter will last more or less depending on its weight and how much you brake or use maximum speed, I can average that in cold weather at minus 0 celsius the scooter will last about 20 or 25 mh (of course that will depend depending on your weight and how much you accelerate) but in summer it is the best time to use it, it will last 30 to 35 mh (I can't assure you that it can reach that distance because as I mentioned before that depends on your weight and how the use) if you go from 150ibs to 185ibs the scooter will go without problems with you, but if you go over 190ibs it may not reach its maximum speed or its maximum distance, but this does not mean that it will not work for you, it will still give you a very Good experience, because the limit is 250ibs, what else can I tell you? Its front and rear lights are perfect, its disc brakes are terrifying, they stop incredibly well, and its folding is somewhat complicated but after a while you get used to it, it weighs a lot, and if you think that this scooter is small, forget it, it is too big, before When I bought it I thought I would put it in the gym locker but it is too big, and its weight is not very heavy but not very light either, it is between two, and well that's it, I will continue using my scooter with pleasure, I recommend it to you, this will help you It will last 4 or 5 years at most if you treat it very well and take care of it.

Fast, strong motor, water resistant scooter

This scooter is my Fifth purchase and out of All of them I like this one the most. It has flashing lights along with a Headlight, so you are brightly lit at night. It has turn signals, disk breaks, dual shocks, even a key 🔑, which is necessary to start the scooter. It goes up to 28 mph rather quickly, and depending on the weight carried, can reach 31mph. Great buy for the money!