Safety Tips

To protect your safety, please read the safety tips before purchasing.

  1. 1Scooters are intended for riders 16 years of age and older. Do not ride a scooter if you have reduced physical, sensory, or mental abilities. Riders who lack experience or knowledge should drive with caution. 
  2. This electric scooter is a recreational device. However, once it is in a public area, it is considered to be a vehicle and is subject to any risks associated with vehicles. For your safety, please follow the instructions in the manual and the traffic laws set by the government and regulatory agencies.
  3. Also, you should understand that risks can not be completely avoided because others may violate traffic laws and drive carelessly. The faster a scooter goes, the longer it takes to stop. On smooth surfaces, scooters may slip, lose their balance, or even cause falls. Therefore, you must exercise caution and maintain the proper speed and distance especially if you are not familiar with the area.
  4. Riding at a high speed or speed that is not appropriate for the current conditions (adverse weather conditions, poor ground conditions, etc.) may result in a potential loss of stability or loss of control. To reduce any risk, you must follow all instructions in this user manual. Be careful when folding and unfolding the product, it can fall off and cause injury.
  5. Inspect the scooter before each use. When you notice loose parts, low battery alarms, tire leaks, excessive tire wear, strange noises, errors, and other abnormalities, stop riding immediately and seek professional support.
  6. When riding a scooter, you need to hold the handlebars with both hands to avoid shaking and falling.
  7. Always place the scooter on its stand on a flat and stable surface.
  8. The most important thing: Wear a helmet and other protective devices when riding, and obey local traffic regulations.

Do not place the scooter with the front side down, as the stand may close and tip the machine.